Joshua Earl Rice - All instruments

Josh was born in Ohio.  His Grandmother was an elementary school music teacher and gave him piano lessons when he was in 3rd or 4th grade.  He also acquired a Fisher Price tape recorder and would run around the house recording things.  In 6th grade, he began practice pad lessons because he showcased an aptitude in rhythmic coordination, otherwise it would've been the trombone.  When he was in junior high, the practice pad was upgraydded to a real snare drum and he started playing with other students in a real concert band.  Because of the confluence of all the elementary schools into junior high, he met many new classmates, one of them being Steve Hughes.  Steve was into Led Zeppelin and Rush where Josh was into Chicago 17 and Lisa Lisa and the Cult Jam, or whatever rural Ohio DJs were spinning.  Steve had a drum set.  Josh went home to tell the parents how amazing his visits were with Steve and his drums and his taste in music.  Josh's parents, in one awesome stroke, found a used drumset and surprised Josh with the sparkle red 4-piece kit with 15" new beats and a 22" Ludwig Standard (made by Paiste) ride cymbal.