Back-A-Round Records Mix Tape Vol. 1



Shawn Adkins, who owns Back-A-Round Records in Fayetteville, NC, asked me to make a mix-tape that had a bunch of my influences on it.  He said "Dig deep into your soul and only put music on it that did something to you; changed your life!" So I thought real hard and came up with a pretty cool curation.  Sorry, you have to go to his record shop to get a FREE copy of it (copyrighted).  This list is really for those of you who already have a copy of it and followed my directions in the liner notes. Click for the entire text



W.A.L.D.O.R.F. is officially out!


The new album is finally out!  Sorry it took so long.  Enjoy!


My Drum Recording Process


Capturing a drum performance is a very interesting process which includes a lot of variables that need to be under control.  What sizes and depths are the toms/bass drum/snare/cymbals?  What shell material are we working with?  What kind of heads?  How are the heads tuned?  Is there muffling?  What kind of sticks are being used?  What size room is the drum set in?  Where at in the room are the drums?  Are the walls, ceiling and floors treated with a reflective or absorptive material?  What type of microphones are we using?  What is the placement of these microphones?  What


New Drums!


I recorded my new drums the other day.  Coated Ambassador heads on tom batters, clear Diplomat heads on tom bottoms.


New Album "W.A.L.D.O.R.F." official release soon!


It's taking a bunch of time to give W.A.L.D.O.R.F. a proper release but it's coming!  The CDs are manufactured, I've been handing them out to friends and family and you can even listen to the whole thing here on the website.  I'll be sending the album out to select radio stations and local publications and then it will be available for purchase to hold in your hands asap.  I've already been getting some very positive feedback on the music and we'll see how this one fares, eh?